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Our Partners

Amplify Oshkosh is proud to partner with community organizations in order to continue our mission of spreading IT awareness throughout the area. Amplify aims to encourage local businesses, stakeholders and innovators to leave their mark on the Oshkosh community by helping transform the area into a thriving and vibrant hub for technology. Building relationships within the IT field is central to our work at Amplify. Through the relationships we create, we establish a foundation of trust and empowerment in which we can build the future of technology. In partnership with the following organizations, we aim to serve our community, businesses, professionals and students of Oshkosh.


Earn more about future human resource demands for Information Technology professionals in this Regional IT Research Study. Input from regional employers and schools were used to develop findings and recommendations. The Market Analysis Project was led by Northeast Wisconsin Educational Resource Alliance (NEW ERA), the consortium of higher education institutions in northeast Wisconsin, with the support of Workforce Development Boards, Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Organizations, and private industry in the region. The next phase in the project will be the development of targeted education programs as well as workforce development strategies that we can use as a region.


Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

UW Oshkosh in partnership with the Wisconsin Cyber Threat Response Alliance has launched a collaborative working environment for research, training and outreach related to cybersecurity. The center empowers and educates current and…

Wisconsin Cyber Threat Response Alliance

The Wisconsin Cyber Threat Response Alliance is a nonprofit whose mission is to serve as the hub for collaborative cyber information sharing in a neutral environment of trust. Members from…

Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce

Amplify Oshkosh is a program of the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce. The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce is a private non-profit, non-governmental organization devoted to enhancing the strength of the business…

NEW North

New North, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, regional marketing and economic development organization fostering collaboration among private and public sector leaders throughout the 18 counties of Northeast Wisconsin, known as…

NEW Digital Alliance

The NEW Digital Alliance was formed as a collaborative effort between educators, workforce development experts and industry leaders to address the IT talent challenges facing the Northeast Wisconsin region. Mission…

Women in Technology

Women in Technology, Wisconsin, Inc. (WIT) is a non-profit organization aiming to attract, grow and retain women of all ages in technology-related careers in all industries. WIT collaborates with Wisconsin professionals, companies,…