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Wearable Tech Measures Emotional Response

Espresso yourself: Wearable tech measures emotional responses to coffee     Researchers in Italy have introduced a novel approach for assessing the quality of coffee. In a pioneering new study, they have demonstrated the feasibility of using wearable technology to measure the emotional responses of coffee experts during tastings. Published in…

How AI Is Transforming Air-Traffic-Control Towers

Hidden in the base of Heathrow's control tower lies a development lab where high definition cameras and machine learning algorithms are beginning to redefine how air traffic controllers operate and whether there needs to be a tower at all.   Check out the news video here - Directed by George…

State AGs warn President’s AI order could centralize control over tech, be used for ‘political ends’

The officials expressed their concerns to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo   "A coalition of state attorneys general is warning that an executive order signed by President Biden last year on artificial intelligence could be used by the federal government to "centralize" government control over the emerging technology and that that control…

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