Cybersecurity Center of Excellence – Amplify Oshkosh

Partner Details

Partner Details

Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

Amplify Oshkosh

UW Oshkosh in partnership with the Wisconsin Cyber Threat Response Alliance has launched a collaborative working environment for research, training and outreach related to cybersecurity. The center empowers and educates current and future cybersecurity practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to respond to tomorrow’s cybersecurity threats.

The Cybersecurity Center features a classroom, lab and small data center where users can experience live-fire cyber lab simulations in a controlled, educational environment.

Services are free to University students and programming is offered for the greater Oshkosh community. Students have access this one-of-a-kind venue from which they can expand their cybersecurity awareness and skills in a practical, marketable way through courses, events, lab work and internship opportunities.