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Partner Details

NEW Digital Alliance

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The NEW Digital Alliance was formed as a collaborative effort between educators, workforce development experts and industry leaders to address the IT talent challenges facing the Northeast Wisconsin region.


Advance collaboration efforts that promote tech health of the region.


NEW Digital Alliance is the primary authority on IT/Digital Technology growth in Northeast Wisconsin.

Key Initiatives

  • Promote:
    • Showcase and promote regional high-tech organizations at a national stage
    • Provide a platform for small tech companies to be exposed to regional and national businesses
  • Advocate:
    • Evangelize and promote IT/Digital disciplines and careers
    • Advocate with Local, State and Federal legislature to promote policies and regulations favoring local IT/Digital needs
    • Advocate with Financial Institutes to develop funding sources for startup businesses
  • Research:
    • Act as a reporting agency by collecting and reporting on regional datasets relevant to Digital space
      • Conduct Surveys
      • Setup Publications
  • Collaborate:
    • Work with regional Higher Education Institutes and Businesses to increase collaboration, for example
      • Setup Incubators/Labs
      • Favor innovations
      • Facilitate and advise startups
      • Develop funding sources to take selected innovations to market
    • Offer a platform for businesses to come together and partner in developing solutions
    • Work with Local organizations to improve their access to the region
  • Advise:
    • Work in Advisory capacity to directly work with area Universities, Tech Colleges and K-12 institutions to develop programs and curriculum that is in line with the business demands and needs of today and tomorrow
  • Service:
    • Develop programs to offer services to members
      • Recruitment
      • Business Expo
      • Hard/Soft Skill development