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Whose Job is Tech?

Prior to Amplify, I think many local people saw IT/technology as ‘someone else’s job’ being handled only by those who were specifically aligned with IT occupations.  But, since its inception, Amplify Oshkosh has emerged as the local entity to connect and promote all things IT/technology related.  Amplify continues to dispel the myths around IT/technology and demonstrates how much we are all impacted by advances in this field.  Think about it for a moment, technology impacts us in our home environment, it impacts how we drive our cars, how we communicate with others, it impacts how students learn and how we do our work (for example, how do we engage with customers or suppliers, protect the privacy of others, store data, safely dispose of hardware at the end of its lifecycle, etc.).  And, we all know the rate of technology change continues to grow exponentially which means YOU are most likely one of the new technology workers/citizens regardless of the title on your business card . . . congrats!


With that in mind, how are you keeping your skills current?  How is your company using IT/technology as not just a necessary function but as a competitive advantage?  As a workforce professional, I encourage and challenge you to find ways to embrace life-long learning when it comes to technology.  How do you do that?  One great first step is to attend a variety of Amplify events which include Ideas Amplified (a mix of learning and fun!), Amplify Mixers (networking and more fun!), annual events (ha, ha . . . there is a theme here, more learning and fun!), and consider registering for the newly developed IT Leadership Academy.   These events allow for plenty of time to share ideas, look for solutions and expand your proficiency in the world of IT/technology.  And, if you’ve got some great initiatives happening in your company, be sure to share those ideas with others; that’s how we continually expand the knowledge base of local students, employees, and business leaders!

Submitted by: Bobbi Miller, Amplify Member,