Welcoming Melanie Breit to the Amplify Oshkosh Consortium – Amplify Oshkosh

Welcoming Melanie Breit to the Amplify Oshkosh Consortium

Amplify Oshkosh welcomes Melanie Breit to the Amplify Oshkosh Consortium!


We welcome our newest member, Melanie Breit, a Project Strategist with Stellar Blue Technologies. She brings over 15 years in Corporate Marketing, Consulting, Advertising, and Campaign Management to the Stellar Blue Team. Having served as a Marketing Director and Consultant for a variety of industries, Melanie enjoys the challenge of helping clients increase brand awareness, generate leads, and acquire new customers through print and digital marketing efforts.

Her free time is mostly spent with family. Melanie enjoys camping, playing games, sporting events, traveling and even helping out with yard work. She enjoys helping her 2 children navigate this life and seeing them succeed in everything they do. The most interesting places that Melanie has traveled to are Italy and the mountains of Mexico. She finds joy in exploring different cultures and food.


We asked Melanie – Why Join Amplify Oshkosh?

“I joined Amplify Oshkosh because I have a passion for education and technology. We are constantly reminded of the role technology plays in our lives. I feel that it is important that all ages have access to the ability to use it and learn more about it. Working in technology, I have the privilege of helping businesses understand what they specifically need to be successful. It only seemed like a natural fit to be part of a diverse group of people helping each other and the community remain innovative through education and technology.”

To learn more about Melanie, check out her team member bio!


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