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Leadership Academy

The purpose of the Amplify Leadership Academy is to recognize high tech professionals who would like to advance their technology career. The Leadership Academy markets the need to develop tech leadership capabilities among high-potential individuals within our region. We possess the capability to deliver a high-quality, rigorous IT executive leadership program through the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and Fox Valley Technical College, which aligns with organizations’ talent strategy to provide ongoing professional development as a way to attract and retain tech talent.

Read about our past Amplify Oshkosh Leadership Academy Session:

Our Amplify Oshkosh team launched the new Amplify Oshkosh Leadership Academy Session: Critical IT Communication Skills to support mid-level technology
professionals in their career development and advancement. The Academy is based on the workforce challenges in retaining young professional technology talent in Northeast Wisconsin. This educational session involved tech practitioners
and professional experiences through networking and relationship building opportunities. UW Oshkosh Instructor Stephanie Rolain-Jacobs presented and facilitated a 4 hour discussion.

The Critical IT Communication Skills session key points included:

1. Improving their listening skills to better understand the users problems and needs and to design more effective solutions
2. Developing skills to better the workplace relationships within and outside the unit
3. Using real life cases to determine how to improve communication and be successful in the workplace

This session was held on October 9th, 2019 from 8 am – 12 pm at the FVTC Riverside Conference Room.

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