June EV Extravaganza Recap - Amplify Oshkosh

June EV Extravaganza Recap

Amplify Oshkosh partnered with Shea Electric, Horicon Bank, Homan Automotive, and Bergstrom Automotive for an EV Extravaganza event held on Tuesday, June 13th at Shea Electric and Communications. The event consisted of networking, test driving the latest EV cars, informative presentations, and delicious food and beverages. Dan Shea from Shea Electric and Communications spoke on everything about EV charging while Rob Dresen from Homan Automotive spoke in detail of current EV offerings and how electric vehicles work opposed to internal combustion engine vehicles. The event had over 100 attendees and was a phenomenal opportunity for Amplifiers to ask questions and get more information about the EV ecosystem.

A special thank you to Shea Electric for hosting the event as well as Bergstrom and Homan Automotive for providing the incredible vehicles for attendees to test drive. Presentations will be available to view online shortly!