Welcoming Joe Girard to the Amplify Oshkosh Consortium – Amplify Oshkosh

Welcoming Joe Girard to the Amplify Oshkosh Consortium

Amplify Oshkosh is ecstatic to welcome Joe Girard to the Amplify Oshkosh Consortium!

We welcome our newest member, Joe, a Senior Business Developer at Wipfli. With over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Joe Girard leverages his skills and experience to lead, advise, and consult with his clients. Today, he fosters the growth of the firm’s tax and audit clients by offering additional services geared toward their operational success. Joe has guided manufacturing companies of all sizes and types through all facets of operational excellence and sales growth. He has a passion for and is fiercely focused on helping manufacturers become more operationally efficient to support their growth initiatives.

Tina Schuelke, of Change Management and a founding member of Amplify Oshkosh, recommended Joe to our consortium.  “Joe is dependable to bring his innovative spirit to our consortium.  He has one of the most optimistic creative business minds I have had the pleasure to work with.  We will benefit from Joe’s professional network.  If you even need another reason to get to know Joe, you might want to ask about his passion for finding and tasting the best bourbons in the world.  I am delighted Joe Girard chose to commit his volunteer time and talents with Amplify Oshkosh!”

To learn more about Joe, check out his team member bio!


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