Oshkosh Area School District

Oshkosh Area School District – Annual Platinum Sponsor of Amplify Oshkosh


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The Oshkosh Area School District – Building Community Through Education.

The Oshkosh Area School District is unique in how closely we work with our community to understand what it wants form our schools and in being transparent in our progress towards goals set in our strategic plan to continuously improve.

Our Vision

We will be the leader in education through innovation while focusing on the whole child.

Our Mission

We will enrich our community by supporting our students to lead creative and empowered lives.

Our Core Values

  • Engaged students and staff
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Responsive improvement
  • Safe learning and working environment
  • Collaborative culture

Our Guiding Principle

  • Students First
The purpose of K-12 education is to prepare students so they are able to create the future.  Amplify Oshkosh is about propelling our community forward by connecting people with the
Dr. David Gundlach
Dr. David Gundlach