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Knowledge That Works

Fox Valley Technical College has been the college of choice in this community for over 100 years. You get high-tech occupational training for the workplace of today, whether you’re preparing for a new career or sharpening your job skills. With over 200 programs to choose from, you can put your career on the fast track.

Learn more about Fox Valley Technical College:


Provide relevant technical education and training to support student goals, a skilled workforce, and the economic vitality of our communities.


A catalyst in engaging partners to bring innovative educational solutions to individuals, employers, and communities – transforming challenges into opportunities.


Statements of core values are designed to characterize the desired teaching/learning environment and to guide the development of institutional policies and practices. Accordingly, all members of the Fox Valley Technical College community affirm the following college values:

Integrity — We value responsible, accountable, ethical behavior in an atmosphere of honest, open communication, and with mutual respect.

Collaborative Partnerships — We value partnerships with business, industry, labor, government, educational systems, and our communities.

Innovation — We value creativity, responsible risk-taking, and enthusiastic pursuit of new ideas.

Continuous Improvement — We value continuous improvement of our programs, services, and processes through employee empowerment and professional development in a team-based culture.

Customer Focus — We value our internal and external customers and actively work to meet their needs.

Diversity — We value an educational environment that attracts and supports a diverse student/staff community and fosters global awareness.

Sustainability — We value the responsible use of resources to achieve balance among social, economic, and environmental practices.


Fox Valley Technical College, consistent with statutorily mandated purposes, holds to the following purposes:

  1. Deliver (a) Associate Degree, Diploma, and (b) Certificate-level educational programs which provide the skills and knowledge necessary to address occupational competencies from initial job-entry to advanced certification.
  2. Provide training and education to upgrade the occupational skills of individuals and the business and industry work force.
  3. Offer related academic and technical support courses for joint labor/management apprenticeship programs.
  4. Design and deliver customized training, consulting services, and technical assistance in partnership with public and private sector employers to further economic development.
  5. Provide community services and avocational or self-enrichment activities.
  6. Collaborate with secondary schools, colleges and universities to enable students’ smooth passage between educational systems.
  7. Provide (a) basic skills programming and (b) counseling services necessary to enhance the success of students.
  8. Offer educational programming and supportive services for special populations to address barriers prohibiting participation in education and employment.
I am involved with Amplify Oshkosh for the same reason I teach:  I enjoy fostering excitement around working with information technology while doing so in an exciting city like Oshkosh,
Brian Foote
Brian Foote