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Change Management Communications Center is headquartered in Oshkosh, WI, with offices in Chicago, IL and Denver, CO. Our purpose is to challenge the way companies manage change, and to dramatically impact the way companies evolve, adapt and expand. Fast.

The industry of “change management” has become a long-winded and cookie-cutter approach to time-sensitive projects or evolutions in a company.
Right now, change management firms offer long-term approaches when 90% of companies actually need immediate, urgent, accurate, a cut-through-the-clutter approach that unerringly gets projects back on track, while resolving the underlying issues that led to things breaking down in the first place.
This applies to individual projects as well as organizational changes when acquisitions have occurred when there’s no time to waste with disorientation or going into “waiting for direction from the new management.”
This is why our team is built around very precise skill sets, providing the exact expertise and track record to get things moving at warp speed.
This unique model makes it possible to rapidly deploy any or all of our team to help you, depending on your specific situation:
Tina Schuelke, Owner, CEO:
Personnel and Relationships Specialist

Jim Schuelke, Vice President:
Process Specialist

Michelle Jerabek, Operations Manager:
Harmonization Specialist

Jessica Van Derven, Change Management Partner:
Communications Specialist

Lisa Klarner, Change Management Partner:
Coordination Specialist

Mike Shereck, Executive Coach & Trainer:
Progress Specialist

Amy Pietsch, Change Management Partner:
Innovation Specialist

When I learned that the Oshkosh area is destined to be a hub of technological innovation and was known to hold nearly ¼ of Wisconsin’s technology jobs, I knew we
Tina Schuelke
Tina Schuelke