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Jim Dobinski

Amplify Oshkosh
Co-founder and Managing Director

Jim Dobinski is the Founder and Managing Director of StellarBlue.ai. Prior to obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in computer information science, Jim worked in the area of corporate management and marketing for several Fortune 500 companies for over 10 years. Jim possesses implementation qualifications which enable him to take a proactive approach to cross-platform strategies through utilization of HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design, Java, PHP, and other advanced technologies.  He has also worked in the corporate world as a manager, computer programmer, technical designer, support specialist, and product strategist.

As the Managing Director of StellarBlue.ai, Jim has been able to combine his passion for technology with his corporate management experience by creating a virtual technology firm composed of multiple innovative divisions. Jim has taken the best of what he learned in corporate America and combined this experience with his unique interpersonal skills to cultivate a business climate that recognizes and encourages the creative process amongst each talented member of the diverse StellarBlue.ai team. Jim recognizes that the virtual world is ever-changing. He believes that StellarBlue.ai has an obligation to its clients not only to educate but to additionally be able to communicate technological advancements with clients in a down to earth manner which is easily understandable; enabling clients to highlight and showcase their individual businesses while additionally meeting their specific online business needs through the use of technology.