Our Cause


Our mission is powerful ….

To empower your business with technology! It is our goal to Amplify the awareness of opportunities surrounding all aspects of technology in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The university town of Oshkosh is not only one of the best places to live, we are also proud of our educated and talented workforce, exceptional public amenities like parks, schools, and transportation and a community commitment to quality of life. Amplify aims to empower local businesses, schools, investors and innovators to make their mark in Oshkosh!


Our Cause, 

  • Break down stereotypes associated with tech careers
  • Break down barriers to technology information and learning opportunities
  • Showcase Oshkosh’s technology players big and small
  • Amplify all the ways technology is advancing our lives


Amplify is a great opportunity to bring Oshkosh leaders together to advance how we address change in our businesses, careers, education, and community.

Tina Schuelke - Chair of Marketing and Events Committee