Committees - Amplify Oshkosh


Amplify Oshkosh has grown from a group of passionate individuals and businesses that have embraced everything that is happening with our ever changing workforce, region, and needs of businesses in northeastern Wisconsin.

Leadership Academy Sub Committee

The purpose of the Amplify Oshkosh Leadership Academy is to recognize high potential professionals who would like to advance their technology career and learn more about technology careers from Wisconsin

Engagement Committee

Our Community Engagement committee is focused on sourcing creative ways to financially and otherwise support the vision of Amplify and spreading awareness to companies and organizations that would like to

Skills and Talent Committee

The Amplify Oshkosh Skills and Talent committee focuses on building and sustaining a strong pipeline of IT talent in the Oshkosh area. The committee is made up of both educators

Marketing and Events Committee

Our Amplify Oshkosh Marketing and Events committee helps put together all of our events and plans the themes, format, and content. This committee has successfully planned and executed more than

Website and Social Media Committee

The Web and Social Media committee is responsible for maintaining the Amplify Oshkosh brand through electronic media.  The committee dictates the content and public interaction through the organization’s dynamic web