September Ideas Amplified Recap

September Ideas Amplified Recap
Post by Rob Kleman |
on September 27, 2022 |
September Ideas Amplified Recap

Amplify Oshkosh hosted an Ideas Amplified event at Venue 404 in Oshkosh on Thursday, September 15th, 2022. Our guest speakers for the September Ideas Amplified event was Amy Pietsch of the Fox Valley Technical College and Tina Schuelke of Change Management. Amy and Tina focused their discussion around the ability to “Lead Through Change”. Amplifiers were able to participate in small group discussions with their personal recent experiences with change. 

A special thank you to Venue 404 for providing snack and drinks for Amplifiers to enjoy! We would also like to thank the Fox Valley Technical College and WICTRA for sponsoring the event! Clink the link below to view Amy and Tina’s presentation and learn how you can lead in a time of change! 

“What’s Changed About Leading Change?

Amy Pietsch and Tina Schuelke presenting at Venue 404 on September 15th, 2022 for the September Ideas Amplified event. 

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