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Arctic Wolf Networks – Annual Gold Sponsor of Amplify Oshkosh


Arctic Wolf is the market leading security operations service, on a mission to end cyber risk. By leveraging our holistic operational approach to cybersecurity, we are able to address and mitigate the four key areas of cyber risk:

  • User Risk: 90% of cyberattacks target employees rather than infrastructure. We mitigate this with a managed approach to security awareness training, providing relevant micro-learnings and in-depth security coaching for your employees that need it most.
  • Environmental Risk: in-depth vulnerability management, with continuous scanning of your internal, external, and host-based network, as well as dark web scanning, to proactively show our customers where they are most vulnerable, and help them correct these gaps before they can be exploited.
  • Operational Risk: through our hybrid approach of technology and human intervention, we bring the people, processes, and technology to the table to proactively monitor our customers’ environments 24x7x365, and provide real-time threat detection and response, all through a concierge service delivery with named security experts for every customer
  • Cloud Risk: 47% of security incidents we detect begin with an attack on cloud infrastructure. As more organizations move to the cloud without the necessary cloud expertise in house, we can protect their business by proactively detecting and responding to cloud-based threats and ensuring their cloud platforms and accounts are configured correctly.
Growing up in Appleton, WI, I always wanted the opportunity to one day work with organizations in the greater Fox Valley area. Amplify Oshkosh has given me that opportunity. I’m
Tanner Londo
Tanner Londo